A viral fight video between an alleged high school student and middle schooler has a lot of New York parents upset and asking questions.

Bullies rarely pick on someone bigger than them or even their own size for that matter. In this particular case, it looks like this person couldn't even stick to their own school or age group.

A video has gained millions of views in just a short amount of time that allegedly shows a high school student slamming a middle school child down on the pavement. The video looks as if it was filmed on school grounds since there are buses in the background.

Monroe County Student Fight

According to WHEC, the incident occurred on Monday afternoon at Cosgrove Middle School in Ogden, New York.

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New York's Raise the Age Law

Though the older child could face discipline from the school there may not be criminal charges involved. New York's Raise the Age law prevents kids under the age of 12 from being prosecuted for most crimes. It was a bill signed into law last year. It was made to help lower juvenile delinquency in New York.

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