There is some discrepancy between what is a small business and what is not. The U.S. Small business administration put in place a policy that discriminated against the business of sexual nature from receiving help under the Paycheck Protection Program. Small business owner’s who own exotic dancing outlets, immediately sued and a federal judge has actually blocked the ruling.

According to Bloomberg Law, U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman, issued a preliminary injunction barring the U.S. Small Business Administration from enforcing a rule to exclude businesses that present live performances or sell products of a "prurient sexual nature" from loans under the Paycheck Protection Program.

I don’t see why this was a problem to begin with? Why wouldn’t a strip club fall under the Paycheck Protection program? This seems very bias and discriminatory. Whoever put this policy in place should be investigated into what other discriminatory and judgmental “policies” are in place.

This is an example of systematic discrimination, it shouldn’t matter if its a strip club or a pediatricians office we are all suffering through these difficult times. I’m sure when the strip clubs do open back up business will be down. These business owners legitimately need these loans. One local stripper that I know has started taking online classes and trading stocks during the NY Pause period.

I’m not sure how many dancers will be willing to work or how many clients are risking catching COVID-19 to see exotic dancers. This industry will definitely be affected long term by the COVID-19 pandemic. Capital District strip clubs are part of the last phase of opening back up. Will you attend the strip club one the NY Pause is over. A win for strippers is a win for the oppressed so I think the dancers should get coverage like everyone else.

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