Talk about a couple of good boys! These two golden retrievers have been helping out their family's brewery during the coronavirus pandemic, delivering brews and bright smiles to New York families.

Karen and Mark Heuwetter own Six Harbors Brewing Company on Long Island and took the leap into delivery-by-dog when they had to transition their business to curbside pickup and delivery-only.

3-year-old Buddy and 1-year-old Barley came to the rescue, as they were able to deliver the beer to customers' doors all by themselves, with products looped around their necks. And they certainly seem to love all the attention they're getting.

"And to think, right now, it's kind of helping a lot of people on these deliveries," Mark told CBS This Morning. "Because of social distancing, you really kind of can't get close to people other than your own family members. The dogs kind of bring that more of a connection for them."

Although Mark told CBS This Morning that business has been down 60 to 70 percent because of the pandemic, he and his wife pulled the entire family, including their kids and pups, together to stay afloat.

"We're doing whatever we can do to get ourselves out there," Mark told CBS This Morning. "Are we nervous? Yea, I am nervous, but hopefully with our new options, we'll be able to pay the bills and make a go of it."

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Karen said while it's important for the family to sell their products and continue to make an income, the dogs have brought so much to the table by delivering joy everywhere they go.

"At the end of the day, it is a business and we have to sell beer, but when they go out and they make people smile, I think people really like that, and, in fact, people need that these days," Karen told CBS This Morning. "So, when they put a smile of people's faces, they're doing their job, which, by nature, is easy for them."

The Six Harbors website has a photo gallery full of pictures of Buddy and Barley with customers throughout their delivery routes.... You know, in case you need more Buddy and Barley content (because who doesn't?!?).

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