March 27 | 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Johnson Park Center (JPC) Food Pantry
1400 Block of West Street, Utica, NY 13503 United States

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What:  March 2023 Johnson Park Center (JPC) Food Pantry Schedule Opening Days/Hours, Rain-Snow or Shine
Where:  The 1400 Block of  West Street, Utica, NY 13501
Contact: JPC Office (315) 734-9608 Weekdays from 1 pm to 5 pm
Email at:

Utica, NY. Below is the JPC Food Pantry Schedule for March 2023 Opening Day/Hours, Rain, Snow, or Shine. All Food Consumers, please bring your JPC Food Pantry Card. If you do not have a JPC Food Pantry Card, we will assist you in completing the Food Pantry Intake Application "On-Site" at the Intake Station near the Sign-In Station. We will also have the JPC Annual Recertification and Identification Verification. If you still need to be recertified, JPC needs you to bring the Identification (IDs) of all people living in your household. Acceptable Government Issued IDs such as Birth Certificates, NYS Driver's Licenses, NYS Photo IDs, Social Security Cards, NYS Benefit Cards, and Prison Photo IDs.

JPC Choice Free Food Pantry
· Monday, March 13, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
· Tuesday, March 14, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
· Monday, March 20, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
· Tuesday, March 21, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
The JPC Free Food Giveaway
Drive Thru (cars/vehicles only )
· Monday, March 27, from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm
· Tuesday, March 28, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

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Thank you for your continued support & Join Positive Change at Johnson Park Center (JPC).
Rev. Dr. Maria A. Scates, D.D.   CEO / Founder