Don't get spooked. Spirit Halloween WILL open this year despite rumors online.

A letter circulating on social media says Spirit Halloween won't open for the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic and 'lack of international commerce.'

Spirit Halloween responded, letting customers know the rumors aren't true. "We are back and we got this covered," the company tweeted, along with a picture of hazmat suit.

Plans are underway to safely prepare for the 'best in-store experience possible.'

Spirit Halloween will have several locations in central New York. All stores plan to open within the next week

  • Utica on Horatio Street - next to Tractor Supply. The store will open August 14th.
  • Syracuse in the Northern Lights Plaza near GameStop. The store will open August 15th
  • In the former Herb Philipson's on Onondaga Blvd in Syracuse on August 8th
  • Clay on State Route 31 near Shoe Department & Mall Entrance on August 8th

Find a location near you or shop online at

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