It's amazing what can happen when a bunch of people works together. Several New York pet rescues joined forces to save over 50 dogs from kill shelters in Texas, flying them into Buffalo.

54 dogs were rounded up from kill shelters around the Lone Star State and put on a plane to fly into Buffalo. Their arrival in New York has gone viral on TikTok with hundreds of people reaching out to help rehome the dogs.

Watch the beautiful rescue that'll bring a tear to your eye.

Flights to Furever

Nickel City Canine Rescue worked with Flights To Furever and a number of other animal shelters in the Buffalo area to save more than 50 dogs from being killed. "We welcomed in so many dogs from south Texas and they are settling into their foster homes just perfectly," the rescue shared on Facebook where they can't keep up with all the people asking for more information.

"We are asking for some patience and promise more information on name, age, gender, breed, and personality will be included in their bio once they are listed. All dogs are on a 5-10 day hold depending on their age. Bios will be posted throughout the week as their fosters get to know them better."

Nickle City Canine Rescue is looking for immediate forsters to adopt a litter of puppies in danger of being euthanized. "We are looking for fosters or foster to adopters for this litter."

You can learn more about becoming a foster home or about adopting a dog at

If you are looking to adopt or foster a dog in your area, reach out to your local rescue or humane society to see what is available and help save a life.

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