Here comes the bride. Weddings and live events are allowed to resume in New York state, with 150 people or less or 50% of the venues capacity. But the bride won't be dancing with everyone at the wedding.

Gone are the days of congregating around the bar, mingling with other guests or crowding the dance floor. The New York State Department of Health says dancing zones will be required for all live events with music, including weddings. And dancers can't leave their zone. Wait, what?!

Everyone attending a live event or wedding must be assigned to a table or area, where they are required to be seated while eating or drinking for the duration of the event, and they should be seated with their family.  After the meal, dancing is allowed, but only in dancing zones set up at each table and spaced at least six feet from other zones. No changing zones either to dance with other guests. And masks must be worn while dancing.

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Who's going to enforce this? The mother in-law. Or will local police patrol for dancing zone rule breakers just like when the were asked to enforce the 10 person in one home rule during the holidays?

Do leaders (or whoever the ones are that made up the guidelines), really think a bunch of people, most who've been probably drinking at a wedding reception, will actually stay in their 'zone.'


Live Event Guidelines

▪ Live music performers and other entertainers, particularly if unmasked or playing a wind instrument, must be separated from attendees by either 12 feet or an appropriate physical barrier.
▪ Select attendees may participate in ceremonial dances with members of their immediate party/household/family (e.g., first dances at a wedding reception) so long as they maintain six feet of separation from other attendees throughout the dance.
▪ Attendees may dance with only members of their same immediate party/household/family who are seated at their table in designated and clearly marked areas or zones that are assigned to them and spaced, at least, six feet apart from any other dancing areas or zones, and any tables. Ideally, each dancing areas or zones should not be less than 36 square feet.
▪ Attendees must wear face coverings while in their assigned dancing area or zone and cannot enter, use, or otherwise visit other dancing areas or zones.

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