That didn't take long.

COVID-19 caused disruptions of the 2021 Major League Baseball season began before the first pitch of the season was thrown. Just after noon on Thursday, MLB announced New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals season opener had been postponed. And, not for one day, it'll be at least two before the clubs can play.

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Reports indicate what was one positive test result for a Washington National player has now become two. As is often the case in the MLB, teams usually will begin a two or three game series on Opening Day, but have the following day off for a possible weather postponement. So, while Friday was an off day, they're not playing Friday either.

Over at, Jessica Camerato reports further on the COVID testing and tracing:

The positive result on the Nats stemmed from a test conducted on Monday, the final day of Spring Training. The Nationals did not have any positive results during camp leading up to then. That night, the team flew on a charter flight to Washington, D.C.

Following contact tracing, four Nationals players and one staff member were placed in quarantine. None of the five players would have been available had Thursday’s game taken place.

So, it looks like the Mets and Nats won't play their season openers until Saturday (fingers crossed).

Obviously it's a major bummer, as fans of both teams have been counting down the days to Opening Day. Now, we'll have to wait until this weekend at the earliest.

And, honestly as a Mets fan I have to admit this is probably worse for Washington fans. If there are more positive test results, it'll mean more delays. We've all become accustomed to contact tracing and quarantine timelines. Theoretically, it could be two weeks or more before the Nats can play a game.

The Mets are scheduled to travel to Miami to open series with the Marlins on Monday.

Also on Thursday, the Red Sox-Orioles opener was postponed but it was due to rain in Boston, not COVID.


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