If you think you've seen an epic view, think again. You can rent an Airbnb in the Hudson Valley with possibly one of the best panoramas in New York.

Perched on a granite cliff in Highland, New York, this stunning home is nearly completed isolated. There's only one other home in sight, and it's Franklin D. Roosevelt's birthplace and Summer White House, which is now both a national park and presidential library.

Step inside this masterpiece that, aside from four bedrooms and five bathrooms, also dons multiple Jacuzzis, a heated saltwater pool, a gourmet kitchen and much, much more.

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Hudson Valley Retreat on Airbnb

While all of this is too stunning for words, you may not want to think about the price tag. A stay at the Highland country retreat starts at $1,352 per night, and with a three-night minimum, you'll be looking at a stay of at least $4,056 before fees.

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