If you're laughing at the new trend of Governor Andrew Cuomo memes and window clings, this song parody will fit right in the playlist. New York comedian, Anthony Rodia took "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and turned it into "Governor Cuomo's Coming To Town."

Anthony Rodia is born and raised in Westchester, so he's familiar with all the COVID-19 protocols and guidelines and the Governor's increasing number of Executive Orders. His parody includes the closing of gyms, bars, and schools; the limit set on guests in your home, and all the things we can't do.

Rodia is well know for song parodies, skit comedy, and the character Uncle Vinny who appears in his weekly "Road Rage Wednesday." His standup routine showcases observations of life seen through the eyes of a "1st Generation Italian-American."

Even before the the pandemic Rodia was using social media to share his musings. There's a full array of videos on his You Tube Channel and his website has a list of upcoming shows around New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

WARNING: Some material is NSFW.

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