The case of the stolen wreaths has been solved and the result is not one you might expect.

The Utica Police Department has been investigating the theft of several Christmas wreaths from Chester's Flower Shop and Greenhouses on York Street in Utica.

Several leads were followed and eventually, all of the wreaths were recovered. Where they were found is the curious part.

A post to the Chester's Facebook page, tells the tale of the "Grinch" who actually turned out to be a holiday Robin Hood.

The stolen wreaths were actually recovered from the doorsteps of neighbors on York Street. The owner of Chester's says,

While we are glad the thief's intentions were pure, we encourage anyone looking to gift a wreath this holiday season to stop in and obtain one the old fashioned way; cash, credit, or check!

The Facebook post goes on to say,

We put a lot of love and elbow grease into everything we make here by hand. Remember, when you shop small you are keeping your dollars in the local economy, 67 cents of every dollar stays right here in Utica and helps us continue to provide top notch goods and services to you all, as well as support our families and employees.

Though the gesture was good, theft is still illegal and Utica Police are investigating the incident further.

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