Remember the Catskill Game Farm? Do you have great memories from your childhood and were really disappointed when you heard that they closed? Well, no need to be sad anymore because Catskill Game Farm is back...sorta.

Aside from Water Slide World, name another iconic local jingle - you can't. If you were lucky enough to have amazing Catskill Game Farm memories, then you'll be happy to know that the new owners, Cathy and Ben Ballone have decided to revamp it. The Catskill Game Farm space will now we home to the Long Neck Inn.

Fans of the Catskill Game Farm from years past will recognize the Long Neck Inn as the old home of the giraffe house. Walk in and you'll see signage from the original farm that closed in 2006, old souvenirs like big pencils or nail clippers, through the entire space is also photographs of what the original giraffe house looked like.

The Ballones purchased the land in 2012 because of the rich history. A few years ago, they thought of repurposing the giraffe house since it was the only space on the property that was heated through the winter. According to the Daily Freeman "Ballone said the area that now houses the inn's dining/gaming room used to be a pool where the game farm kept its crocodiles over the winter. She said the pool had since been filled in."

The inn has been open since August and is a perfect stay for anyone who wants to relive their game farm memories!

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