Captain James T. Kirk will be back on The Bridge at the Star Trek: Original Series Set touted as his 90th birthday celebration. Save your money because tickets are not cheap.

William Shatner announced a visit to the Star Trek Set Tour Exhibit in Fort Ticonderoga July 23-24 for a belated birthday celebration. His actual birthday is March 22.

Mr. Shatner will be appearing at the Star Trek Set Tour Exhibit in Ticonderoga NY on Friday, July 23, 2021, and Saturday, July 24, 2021. Please see the Star Trek Tour official website for ticket information and time.

Tickets are on sale now and more expensive than in previous years. The event does fall under Covid restrictions. Masks, smaller groups, and distancing will be strictly enforced.


$1500 per ticket includes the Star Trek Original Series Set  90th Birthday Dinner Celebration, a tour with Mr. Shatner, a Bridge Chat, a photo, and an autograph (limited number of tickets available.)


General Admission: EARLY BIRD PRICE $49.99 – Regular price $80 Includes a regular tour with their crew and unlocks the a la carte autograph and photograph tickets.
Autograph– $80

Shatner was last scheduled to appear at the Star Trek Tours exhibit on Friday, June 26, and Saturday, June 27, 2020, but was canceled due to COVID-19. At that time, the VIP "Admiral Package" was $1,400 and included a pizza-and-beer sitdown with Shatner after his personalized tour of the Enterprise.

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The original series Star Trek Set Tour is located in historic downtown Ticonderoga, New York. When the STAR TREK television series was canceled in 1969, the original sets were dismantled and largely destroyed, only a few small items of the actual sets remain today, and those that have survived are in private collections. Trek superfan James Cawley began rebuilding the sets just as they would have been seen 50 years ago when the series was being filmed. A 14-year journey has culminated in the most accurate rebuild of the original sets and is now open and welcoming STAR TREK fans worldwide! [Star Trek Tour Website] Call 518-503-5497 for more information.

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