Remember back in March and April of this year (and honestly, for months after) where you couldn't find toilet paper anywhere you went? Yea, let's all agree to not go through that again.

We are about eight months into the coronavirus pandemic, and with COVID cases on the rise in Oneida County and surrounding areas in Central New York, we're looking ahead to more months with our "new normal."

As of November 3, Oneida County reported 32 new cases, raising the total number of active cases within the county to nearly 300. Oneida County reached its peak number of active cases with 401 in early June, but by the end of the summer, it started to seem like the region had the virus under control when Oneida County reported just 40 active cases on August 31.

But let's make thing abundantly clear: Even as numbers rise in Oneida County and beyond, there's no need to panic buy. Whether you're thinking of stocking up on items like toilet paper and sanitizing wipes or soup and milk, please don't be that person who buys enough to last until 2040.

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We'll get through the rest of the pandemic by banding together and making sure our neighbors have what they need as well.

If things do turn sour, though, and the supermarket toilet paper aisles start looking bare, just remember: There's never been a better time to buy a bidet than 2020!

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