The students in this picture are proud, for a lot of reasons. Syracuse University boasts elite post-graduate programs in the fields of communications, citizenship and public affairs. The Orange have won a lot of awards on the courts and fields of play--in basketball, football, and lacrosse.

The college has also enjoyed prominence atop the list of top party schools in the nation. And now, Syracuse University has been bestowed with a new distinction, perhaps in an area that would be a badge of honor and provide a sense of pride for some, but which might be an embarrassment for others.

Syracuse University has been named America's "Booty Call Capital" by an online delivery service named goPuff, specializing in the distribution of convenience store items to college students. The folks at goPuff say data collected during the 2017-18 academic year shows S.U. was #1 among all colleges it serves in condom orders.

Hey, at least the kids are practicing safe sex.

The Philadelphia-based startup company services 30 cities and over 50 college campuses. And goPuff delivers "dranks," "munchies," "party essentials," electronics and "puff stuff," from which it derived its company name and brand.

Other delivery services like GrubHub have also rated Syracuse University among its most popular clients.


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