I try to avoid things that put me in a harmful situation. It's not because I am scared to use a chainsaw or intimidated by lighting a firecracker. It's mostly because I don't want to be inconvenienced by the injury that is most likely to follow. So imagine how stepping on a machete would ruin your day.

Let me take a step back. First, I don't own a machete. I hate to get a paper cut let alone having my foot sliced open by a huge knife! You think I am being dramatic? That exact episode happened just days ago here in New York.

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The New York Department of Environmental Conservation reports that, on Wednesday November 10th at 7:30am, Dutchess County 911 got a call from an injured hiker. The initial description was that this individual had a foot injury and needed medical assistance.

A Hyde Park man in his 50's was located at the Taconic Hereford Multiple Use Area in Pleasant Valley, New York. The determination was that the hiker had stepped on a machete while getting out of his hammock. Thing is this happened the night before!

By 7:30am on November 10th the hiker had lost a significant amount of blood and needed help asap. Responders included New York State Rangers, Pleasant Valley Fire and EMS, Unionvale Fire and EMS, and New York State Police.

Rescuers transported the hiker out of the woods via Utility Terrain Vehicle to a Mobile Life Support ambulance and the individual was off to the hospital. No word yet as to the status of the injury and how the man is doing.

Be safe out there.

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