The halftime show at Super Bowl 54 featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira dancing in some skimpy outfits. Since then, some people have taken to social media to complain about the event claiming it was pornography, while other people have defended it saying dancing is art.

A Christian activist named Dave Daubenmire is planning on taking the NFL to court over it. According to VT, Daubenmire was complaining on his podcast, that the NFL's halftime show was discriminatory towards Christians saying he was not told that there was going to be crotch shots. He also suggested that by watching the halftime show, it would prevent him from getting into the kingdom of heaven.

According to the report he later posted a video asking for a lawyer to join him in a class action lawsuit against the NFL. He claims that there were no warnings on what he compared was a strip club show.

VT quoted Daubenmire as saying;

This is not a free-speech issue. J-Lo and here gaggle of exhibitionists have no right to come into my home uninvited.  They pumped lewd videos into our homes without proper notification.  There was no chance to protect the young eyes gathered around the family tube.  I went to a football game and an orgy broke out.

He says he wants to sue the NFL, Pepsi, and his local cable company for about 867 trillion dollars.

I don't think this Lawsuit will ever see a courtroom for two reasons: 1.) there was no nudity, and 2.) you have an off switch on your TV, or you could have at least just changed the channel.

[via: VT]

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