Once upon a time, wearing a seatbelt was an afterthought. In fact, the federal government didn't require seat belts be installed in all forward-facing seats until 1968, according to AutoNews.com. Now, we all buckle up for safety.

Similarly, attitudes about driving drunk have evolved as society understood the dangers and the life-changing impact it could have.

It's time for a similar evolution in how we think about distracted driving, from driving "intexticated" to devoting too much attention to eating, navigating or other activities while driving. The emphasize that point, AAA created this PSA:

Distracted driving kills more than nine people and injures thousands every day in the United States.

Here are some tips from AAA to keep in mind:

1) Make adjustments before driving, including determining your route, setting up your music, and adjusting your mirrors.

2) Don't try to eat or groom yourself while driving. (Shaving or putting on makeup is still a distraction, even in you plan to do it at stop signs.)

3) Get children and pets settled before you start driving and pull over if they need your attention.

4) Ask your passengers for help resolving distractions if needed.

5) Store or power down potential distractions before you start driving to reduce the temptation.

For more tips and information, see aaa.com/distracteddriving. They also have a great teen driver safety information section here.

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