If you missed the movie 'A Quiet Place' in the theater, you could now watch it at home, and I think it will be even scarier!

As you know by now, the blockbuster 'A Quiet Place' starring John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt was filmed in Little Falls. The budget was $17 million to make the 95-minute horror thriller and domestically brought in $187,788,555 according to Box Office Mojo. In its opening weekend, it ranked #1 at 3,508 theaters and was ultimately shown in 3,808 theaters.

If you didn't see 'A Quiet Place' in the theatre, I have good news. It's now available to stream, for rent at your local Redbox, and for sale in all formats: digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD. Imagine watching this horror movie in the dark at your house, and you hear a noise. Your floor squeaks when no one is walking on it. Your dogs start barking and snarling for no reason. You can scare yourself silly right? I know I can! We can immerse ourselves in the story and not be bothered by rude moviegoers. I can't wait to watch it again at home with all the lights off, and it turned up loud.

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