Here's a great getaway for the entire family!  The Corning Museum of Glass.  This experience is only a couple of hours from Buffalo in Corning, NY. (about 2hrs and 27min / 124 miles to be exact according to 

I haven't been to the Corning Museum of Glass since I was a kid and can still remember the experience watching the Glassmakers heat glass and then blow through a tube, which the piece of hot glass is attached to, and form a beautiful piece of glasswork right in front of your eys.

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When you visit the Corning Museum of Glass now, things are much different.  All of the glassmakers rare required to wear a mask at all times, according to a WGRZ News how will they blow the glass into shape??   Hmmm.


WGRZ, so there may be a slight wait...but maybe not...I would just anticipate at least that so you're not disappointed if that is the case.


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