The marriage lasted just four years. The Buffalo Bills and New Era Sports are splitting up.

The athletic apparel company filed for the “divorce,” asking to be released from its deal for the naming rights to the home of New York’s NFL team. No reason was given. Although it's no secret that New Era, like many businesses, has struggled during the COVID-19 health crisis, and recently fired some of its staff.

So, it’s back to square one for the Bills, who are trying to land a new naming sponsor for the former Ralph Wilson Stadium (aka "The Ralph"), which became New Era Field in 2016. We have some ideas:

The Jim. Kinda like The Ralph, except in honor of Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, who led the team to four Super Bowls, and who bleeds for Buffalo. You goin' to the Jim? I'm goin' to the Jim. My sister hates goin' to the Jim.

Almighty Arena. Inspired by the movie Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carrey, and filmed in Buffalo.

Bruce Smith Park. In honor of the other "Bruce Almighty," the best defensive player in franchise history. This could be a very timely choice, considering our country's racial tensions.

Buffalo Wings Stadium. Very fitting honor for the city that gave birth to the famous appetizer. Even though The Anchor Bar created "buffalo wings," everyone makes 'em now. So, why not let a different establishment cater each game?

The Scott Norwood Center. The third word is the key. It's where the placekicker's infamous missed field goal should have gone against the Giants with eight seconds remaining in Super Bowl 25. There's some good karma here...right?

The Goo Goo Dolls House. Name it after Buffalo’s best band. With a retractable roof, it becomes The Goo Goo Dome.

McFlurry Field. Maybe McDonlad's has some extra cash laying around. Plus, it snows once in a while in Buffalo.

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