While retail stores in New York are closed until at least May 15th, when they do finally re-open, what will the "new normal" look like?

Sixty-eight Macy's stores are planning to reopen in some states on Monday, followed by another 50 stores on May 11. The plan is to reopen all 775 stores in the next 6 to 8 weeks. Even with the stores potentially reopened, your shopping experience won't be the same. Macy's has a store in Sangertown Square and Destiny USA.

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Macy's has announced changes they plan to make in their stores as they reopen, including asking customers to use hand sanitizer before they try on watches or jewelry, and asking employees to wear masks.

5 Things You Probably Won't See in Retail for a Long Time

  1. Lots of fitting rooms. - Macy's says they plan to limit the number of fitting rooms, and keep rejected tried-on items off the sales floor for 24 hours.
  2. Cosmetic samples you can touch. - Don't expect to be able to sample a lipstick, even with a cotton swab. A sales associate will help you, and even then, they won't be applying anything to your face.
  3. Makeovers at the makeup counters. - Nope.
  4. Any store where you won't be asked to stay 6' apart.
  5. Crowded malls. - Forbes says that reports out of China indicate consumers are still hesitant to crowd malls.

Things that are probably here to stay? Our online shopping habits, which are even more entrenched now - and curbside pick-up.

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