New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has shared that over 350 school districts across the state plan to get children ages five to 11 vaccinated against COVID-19.

The news came during a press conference held on October 27th. In her briefing she noted, 350 school districts intend to host vaccination event:

"We've reached out to all the school districts saying, what are your plans? Can you help us get these in schools? And so far, 350 school districts intend to hold vaccination events and on 390 thus far said they'll send out communications"

"We've been waiting for this, parents have been waiting for this, schools have been waiting for this, and this is really a breakthrough"

370 providers across the state have already pre-ordered 380,100 pediatric vaccine doses. The FDA recently approved the use of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine in children ages five to 11 and the CDC plans to meet next Tuesday, November 2nd to approve.

The governor also reported that if she sees vaccination rates aren't going up amongst students, she will consider put a vaccine mandate in place for schools.

According to CNY Central, Central New York providers have pre-ordered 6,000 doses compared to New York City providers who ordered 231,000 doses.

"We launched a vax to school campaign to get kids vaccinated, and we'll expand that effort for the five to 11 age group....... We know that parents want to be able to talk to their child's pediatrician and get the kids vaccinated where they go for their other medical care. That means we need our pediatricians and other clinicians who see children to talk to parents about the vaccine and to encourage those who are eligible to get the vaccine and to give the vaccine in their office."

You can read more from the press briefing here.

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