It's not uncommon for certain television shows to inadvertently predict the future, but a series created in 2002 predicted the Coronavirus in a 2003 episode.

The series, 'The Dead Zone,' had an episode titled, 'Plague.' In the episode there are several references to terms we have unfortunately become all too familiar with during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Characters use terms such as Coronavirus, "High Fever and Respiratory Stress," and they even mention "chloroquine" as a cure.

The video above puts together all the scenes from the episode to compile the references to Coronavirus. The story line of the episode follows the team as they discover the disease, try to figure out a cure and even one of the team members coming down with the virus and ultimately, finding a cure.

Again, it's important to remember that these are factual accounts from a fictional television series, but it is interesting how these terms are commonly used now in the midst of this pandemic. COVID-19 is the specific virus threat we're facing now, but there are many other types of Coronavirus. Though they don't mention COVID-19 specifically, the other references are eerily familiar to all of us.

As Memorial Day Weekend is upon us remember to get out and enjoy the sunshine, but make sure you're staying safe and staying smart. Wear your masks when you can't social distance and be sure to keep up on good hand hygiene. Keep gatherings small and be sure to try and include only people that have been part of your inner circle. And I don't imagine with the nice weather this weekend that people will be spending a lot of time indoors, but if you find yourself inside look up 'The Dead Zone - Plague' from 2003.

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