Today I discovered the greatest idea and I have to be the last one to know about it because it is so obviously awesome. I was looking at Facebook and I saw someone had created an Easter egg hunt for adults. The difference was the grown-up weren't hunting for eggs they were hunting for wine.

It got me thinking about how much I enjoyed Easter egg hunts as a kid. I started thinking about why we don't do it after a certain age and that's when I realize it may be due to the fact we don't want candy and eggs. So what if we held a hunt for things we do want.

Of course I thought about how some of my friend would take this in a pretty Un-Easter direction, but then I realize there are actually some grown up items that are rated "PG" that we could hunt for in mixed company. And by mixed company I mean in front of the kids.

So here are a few of the items I came up with that I am hoping are at the next Easter egg hunt I attend, because if they are I am all in.

The Grown Up Easter Basket

Imagine all the fun of an Easter egg hunt just like when you were a kid but instead of tracking down candy and hard boiled eggs you hunt for stuff you want as a grown up. Here are some of my ideas for a grown up Easter egg hunt.

Popular Easter Candy

From Halloween to Easter some of our favorite candy brands get reworked for each of the holidays. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and finally Easter. From September to April we can eat candy to our hearts content. But have you ever realized that after Easter there are no more candy focused holidays until Halloween comes around again.

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