Statistics don't lie. One cold, hard fact of driving is that the odds a New Yorker will hit a deer are one in 161. For those of you who've hit a deer, you'll nod in agreement. For those of you who haven't YET, you may want to steer clear of certain areas.

Information compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau pinpoint the areas of New York State most likely to feature collisions between cars and deer. Not all the areas are rural. Some urban settings are just as dangerous. Two cities in Central New York are in the top 20 among 49 New York towns with the most collisions between deer and vehicles last year.

In Oneida County, Rome is a deer magnet, tied for 16th place with 93 incidents in 2017. In Onondaga County, Syracuse is #4 with 137.

The top three hotspots in New York are Ithaca (169), Middletown (190), and your runaway winner in the category of animal loss insurance claims is Rochester, with 487 incidents in 2017.

The likeliest U.S. state for a deer-car mishap is West Virginia, where the odds are one in 43. Pennsylvania is a close second at one in 63 odds.


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