Let's face it: your dog has no super powers when it comes to facing the challenges of Halloween.

You know the drill. Lots of strange folks, wearing bizarre outfits, showing up at your house, ringing the doorbell over and over, yelling "Trick or Treat." It's a nightmare for your pet, who's probably barking, and running around frantically trying to protect your home. You have to restrain the dog, so he doesn't scare the kids, but he ends up escaping anyway and you have to chase him down...and you do that FOR EVERY DAMN TRICK OR TREATER who comes to the door.

A company called Creature Comforts Pet Resort (with two Western New York locations in Tonawanda and Angola, both in the Buffalo area) has your back. They're offering special care for your pet from 5pm to 10pm on Halloween night. It includes paw painting, a costume contest, and more.

Is anyone doing this in CENTRAL New York? If not, we're calling dibs on this idea. We'll be open for Halloween and July 4th.

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