I don't like warm beer. Who does? I love my beer ice cold but absolutely no ice is allowed in my brew.

As shocking as it sounds there are actually beer drinkers out there who throw ice cubes in their beer. It's actually voluntary. I guess it is not even the result of a dare.

I wouldn't suggest ordering your Utica Club on the rocks if you don't want to get laughed out of your favorite watering hole.

According to a few online polls from Buzzfeed tsmthey determined what drinks are even better with ice.

Obvious drinks are on the list like lemonade and soda but some odd ones on the list is wine and beer. What kind of criminally insane person puts ice in beer? Out of just over 65k votes almost 3,000 people said it ice does belong on some bud. Gross.

Almost 5,000 people said that ice is also okay to throw in red wine.

This all sounds terrible. If you're in the minority who likes this then I'm sorry but you should go back to your home planet.

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