Have you ever seen the Google Street View cars driving around Central New York? They drive around capturing footage of every street across the world, putting it online for anyone to access at any point.

Everything's captured as it is in that moment: Cars are in driveways. Homeowners are mowing their lawns. Kids are even playing in the street.

A TikTok account called @syracusehistory recently came across and shared some Google Street View images of kids on Craddock Street in Syracuse waving to and playfully chasing after the Google car. Although the captured footage is from August of 2019, it gives us so much nostalgia of being a kid with no cares in the world.

If you head to Google Maps and type in Craddock Street in Syracuse, you can travel down the whole street, from the moment the kids notice the car and start waving to the moment they tire out and give up chasing the car. It's really quite pure and adorable, and since these street view captures usually stick around for a while, these kids will certainly have some memories to look back on in the years to come!


Utica House Featured in Strange TikTok Trend

TikTok users have found unique ways to use Google Street View and create some interesting content.

An account called @zoomingonrandomhousesny creates videos by, as its name might suggest, simply going on Google Maps and zooming in on a random house in New York State in hopes of finding the owners.

In one video, the account's creator ended up at 1230 Greenview Drive in Utica, leaving us to wonder: Is this YOUR house?

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