In a scene out of a movie, a Tupper Lake couple in New York welcomed their baby in the back of a pickup truck on the way to the hospital.

My NBC 5 reports that Ember and Marty Hughes were on the way to the hospital on February 20th once contractions got stronger and closer together around 2AM. The only issue, the nearest hospital was more than an hour away:

"I was like, we need to go now, like right now," Ember said. "I was like, 'I'm sorry to tell you babe but my water broke' and he was like… okay,"

The couple was 30 minutes into the trip and still 22 minutes from the hospital at this point. It was also at this point that the parents calmly knew they weren't going to make it to the hospital.

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"Then I realized my belly was still so big that I couldn't reach any farther, and I was like you're gonna have to pull over, you're gonna have to catch her, I'm not gonna be able to catch her," Ember said.

At this point, Marty pulled over and reached over the center console and caught baby Arkynn just in time.

"We both started rubbing her really fast and then she started crying, and then he started crying, and then I started laughing like a crazed lunatic," Ember said.

The couple kept her warm by cranking the heat and keeping her close to Ember's chest until they got to Alice Hyde Medical Center. With Arkynn's arrival, this makes the family part of 7. Arkynn's arrival was on her due date.

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