Day in and day out, our New York State Troopers go above and beyond to take care of those in, and traveling through, the Central New York community.

Trooper Monica M. Sacco of the New York State Police in Syracuse recently showed a great deal of compassion while assisting the driver of a tractor-trailer that had broken down on the side of the Thruway. It was extremely cold out that day, and the driver was sitting in the vehicle with the engine off, so Trooper Sacco offered him a ride to a nearby gas station where he could wait for a tow truck in warmth. The driver declined the offer, but accepted blankets from Sacco to keep warm while he waited.

Hours went by, and as Trooper Sacco drove by, the driver was still sitting in his truck with the engine off, waiting for a tow truck. Sacco's kind heart pulled her to check on the driver again, and while he said he was doing fine, he was a little hungry.

Trooper Sacco called the Thruway tow company to expedite the driver's tow, and then drove to a local service area and bought him some food. Talk about a real-life superhero!

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New York State Police
New York State Police

Thank you to our local first responders like Trooper Sacco who go above and beyond the duty of their jobs to take care of and check up on others in times of need.

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