It's a night that across the globe, people look forward to every December: New Year's Eve. There's always something about a new year that is worth celebrating. Some spend it at home with their families and friends, some go out and drink/dance the night away. Some even make their way to the Big Apple, New York City, to join in on their celebrations in Times Square to watch the ball drop.

We all know how terrible 2020 has been so far, so it's no surprise that as we head into 2021, the celebration has gone virtual.

New York City officials have confirmed that the ball drop that happens each and every year in Times Square, has gone virtual. They came to the decision with the current status of COVID-19, as large gatherings of such size are not permitted.

“One thing that will never change is the ticking of time and the arrival of a New Year at midnight on Dec. 31,” explained Tim Tompkins, President of the Times Square Alliance which co-produces the event. “But this year there will be significantly new and enhanced virtual, visual and digital offerings to complement whatever limited live entertainment or experiences—still in development—will take place in Times Square. And because any opportunity to be live in Times Square will be pre-determined and extremely limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be the opportunity to participate virtually wherever you are.”

New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world, and their New Year's Eve celebration brings in hundreds of thousands each and every year. It only makes sense that this be the way we end 2020 and enter 2021.

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Do you have any fond memories of New Year's Eve? Whether it was at home with your loved ones, or maybe you've made you way to watch the ball drop in person - we want to hear from you! Share with us inside the station app.

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