This is quite the crazy story. The NY Post says a couple spotted some unexpected guests flying around their chimney a few months back. What they didn't expect was these intruders had over 120,000 more of their friends who had made a home inside the walls of their East Islip home.

The 68 year-old retired teacher and his wife discovered that there were an unusual amount of bees right outside their home. The NY Post reports that the couple called a bee removal expert to come investigate.

Anthony “Tony Bees” Planakis was on the scene in September at the two-story home in Suffolk County. But even Tony Bees was shocked at what he found. Using an infrared device to peer behind the walls, he saw just how big this particular hive of honeybees was. The Post says the hive was seven and a half feet and home to over 120,000 bees.

The Post says no larger hive has ever been reported indoors in New York state history, so this could very well be a record. The expert says it could have been growing for over seven years.

As crazy as it sounds, there appears to be no threat to the human residents. The bees live behind the wall of the uninsulated home and keep to themselves. They'll be there for a while too. Since the bees are going into hibernation this time of year, it will be at least until April when Tony Bees can safely remove the honeybees. The process will probably cost around $1,000, according to the homeowner.

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