New York has a state bird, state flower, and state flag....what about a dinosaur? This dinosaur once called New York home.


What in the world is a Grallator? Looks like a super cool velociraptor. That's kinda true because Grallator was a carnivore. Its fossils have been found in places such as Liguria (Italy), Tuscany (Italy), Australia, and right here in New York.

Recently a debate has raged in New York that Grallator laid footprints down:

It isn't a well-known fact, but various dinosaur footprints have been discovered near the town of Blauvelt, in New York's Rockland County (not too far from New York City). These tracks date to the late Triassic period, about 200 million years ago, and include some tantalizing evidence for roving packs of Coelophysis (a dinosaur best known for its prevalence in far-off New Mexico). Pending conclusive evidence that these footprints were really laid down by Coelophysis, paleontologists prefer to attribute them to an "ichnogenus" called Grallator."

Still a cool dino.


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