EDIT- 7/9/2021: Smash Syracuse was kicked out of Destiny USA for being disruptive, now they are relocating to another location in the area. They announced that they will be opening in Westvale Plaza on West Genesee Street in Syracuse. They’re planning to open again very soon.


They only opened in Destiny USA just a few months ago and they're already relocating. Smash Syracuse has announced they are parting ways with largest mall in New York State.

The popular attraction took to their business Facebook page to announce the news, saying they didn't get the "neighborhood welcome" they had hoped for.

On no notice at all, we were forced to change to some ridiculous hours of operation because our neighbors couldn’t handle the fun.

They said they are in the process of moving to a new location where they'll be able to be open during a better timeframe to accommodate more customers. Based on their website, their current hours are Tuesday and Wednesday: 7PM to 12AM, Thursday-Saturday: 9PM to 1AM, and Sunday: 6PM to 12AM.

What is Smash Syracuse?

Smash Syracuse is the first rage room in the Syracuse area. A smash room is place you go to break different things in a controlled environment for entertainment or stress relief. They provide everything for you - safety gear, things to smash, things to smash with.

"Syracuse Smash will no longer be a tenant because they were becoming a nuisance that was disruptive to other tenants," a mall spokesperson said to CNY Central.

As we learn where attraction is moving to, we will update this story. Currently, they're located on the second level of Destiny USA in the same wing as Dick's Sporting Goods and Michaels.

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