The first two hatches of Peregrine Falcon chicks of the 2022 breeding season have taken place in Utica.

The hatches occurred in a nest located on the 15th floor of Adirondack Bank Building in Downtown Utica.

courtesy of Utica Peregrine Falcon Project
courtesy of Utica Peregrine Falcon Project

The Utica Peregrine Falcon Project says the first hatch happened at about 8:16PM on Friday, May 6 and the second took place on Saturday,May 7 at around 3:00AM.

The eggs hatched following 33 days on incubation by both Peregrine Falcon parents Astrid and Aries.

There are two eggs remaining in the nest that are likely to hatch within the next few days.

You can watch what happens at the Utica nest via the UPFP’s streaming internet cameras, 24-hours a day, at

Astrid and Ares have used the same man-made nest box since 2014.

In eight breeding seasons the pair has raised 24 chicks to fledging stage.

Every year, in June, volunteers gather in Downtown Utica to take part in “Fledgewatch”.

At that time, the young falcons are monitored on site as they leave the nest.

If they fall into the road or become trapped, they can be rescued, cared for and then released

Peregrine Falcons remain on the Endangered Species List in New York State. However, over the past two decades, their numbers in the State have been steadily increasing.

As of last year, a pair of falcons has taken up residence in Little Falls and has been successful in raising and fledging young.

That pair is currently raising two young nestlings on the Adirondack Bank Building in Little Falls.


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