What could you be getting this year? Google might be letting the cat out of the bag a little early.

Santa is not the only one who knows what you want for Christmas this year. Google knows too and Google also might have some insight on what other people in New York might want for the holidays as well.

The holiday season isn't just around the corner anymore. It's here and soon enough many of us will be opening up gifts from under the tree. Kids aren't the only ones making Christmas lists. Adults do too even if they're in the form of browser history or saved tabs on Google Chrome. Almost all of us have some sort of idea of what we want.

Treetopia is on the hunt for the hottest gifts this year. Using Google Trends, the most popular gift searched in 2020 in New York was Nike Sneakers.

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Dave Kotinsky

It makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Ever since the beginning of the pandemic a lot of us have gotten outside more than usual to either run or walk. Maybe you'd like to start burning off that quarantine weight. Or perhaps some people are getting ready to work out more as part of their annual resolution to get in better shape. 2021 is going to be the year, right?

Some other states also had fitness gifts searched as well. Both Wisconsin and New Hampshire both had Fitbits come up frequently in their Google Trends.

Out of all of the states combined the Amazon Echo was the most popular as it topped the list in 4 states. A Bluetooth speaker was also widely searched. It sure sounds like a lot of people would love the gift of music for the holidays.

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