Officials in Ulster County in the Hudson Valley have placed a ban on plastic shopping bags to help the environment and beautify the area.

The plastic bag ban won't go into effect until July 2019, and will require shoppers to bring their own bags or pay a fee of five cents per recyclable paper bag from the store.

Even when the law goes into effect, there will be a test period of about six months to help residents get used to the law, and that will last until 2020.

Banning plastic bags is gaining popularity all over the country. Getting rid of plastic cuts down on plastic pollution and make neighborhoods look much better.

What do you think?

I personally hate plastic bags and have been using reusable shopping bags for a few years now.

The 'plastic bag tumbleweeds' you see all over the place - in trees, parks, on the roads and in bodies of water - are enough to get me on board, how about you?



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