It will cost you twice as much - and in some cases, even more - if you want a bottle of water at the Great New York State Fair this year.

The price of a bottle of water will increase from $1 to $2 this year, according to Fair officials via The Fair will be adding more refill stations so fair-goers can refill their own reusable bottles rather than buying the more expensive bottles. Alternatively, fair-goers can bring in their own water.

According the reporting by, the increase is a result of a change in water vendors. In previous years, bottled water was purchased from a variety of vendors but now, it can only come from Aquafina, and must be sold for at least $2.

Bottled water will even cost the $2 on Dollar Day at the fair, where admission is only $1.

$2 is not an unusually high price for bottled water. You'll pay close to $2 at most convenience stores, and significantly more than that at your local movie theater.

What do you think? Is $2 too much, or just another example of things costing more?

Or maybe NYS needs the money to pay for those extra parking lot stripes?

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