Erika Barker had already had her share of issues in her Hamilton Height apartment. The 38 year-old, who runs a commercial photography business, had been away from home for eight days after having problems with a neighbor. According to the NY Post, when she finally arrived home she discovered she had some brand new neighbors. In this case, pigeons.

The Post says a wandering pigeon had flown threw an opening near the air conditioner and made itself at home in the new apartment. When Barker came home, she not only discovered the unexpected avian visitor, but a whole new brood of squabs that had hatched on a bed in her guest bedroom. While Barker told the Post that the experience was a bit traumatic, she took a video and uploaded it to TikTok, showing off her new roommates to the world. Barker says she placed the nest in a recycling bin and put it on her windowsill. Now, the mother pigeon, her mate, and the babies have a home for the time being.

Guess if the pigeon overstay its welcome she can always get an eagle to come help?

It's that time year, and the birds have been stepping up in their own way, all across the region as of late. Recently, a Canada goose was spotted harassing customers and employees of a popular diner in Passaic County, New Jersey. ABC says the goose has been keeping watch near the Park West Diner in Woodland Park. Video shows the animal flapping its wings in a defensive manner, and even dive-bombing at anyone who inadvertently gets too close to the eggs. The goose even knocked one man down to the ground over the weekend, and then pecked at his face for good measure.

In early April, one New York state woman was shocked to find that a wild turkey had broken into her home, and proceeded to wreck havoc in an upstairs room. Pix 11 says that the turkey crashed through a bedroom window of the home in Erie County, before wildly flying around, as it demolished mirrors and smashed into the walls of the woman's house. The turkey was later cornered into a bathroom, and NY Department of Environmental Conservation officers were able contain it with a fishing net.

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