I was blown away by a recent Facebook post in the Hudson Valley. After some high winds overnight, a New Paltz resident jumped online to ask a question I had never considered before as a homeowner.

Owner-Maintained Power Poles in the Hudson Valley, NY

"A power pole in my backyard has fallen down", the post began. "Central Hudson has assessed the situation and the pole is owner maintained so now I have to find an electrical company that can erect a pole." Before I could read the comments recommending companies to install the pole (on the homeowner's dime), I had to double-check what I was reading. Can an individual really be responsible for a utility pole?

Utility poles like this one on private property may be the homeowner's responsibility to maintain (kbelectricpa.com)
Utility poles like this one on private property may be the homeowner's responsibility to maintain (kbelectricpa.com)

What is an Owner-Maintained Pole?

This may come as a surprise, but yes. Owner-maintained, or "private" utility poles, are utility poles that are on the property of a homeowner. While most houses receive power from lines that run directly from utility-owned poles on the side of public roads, some houses that are set farther back on their property need a separate pole erected to make sure the power line runs safely to the residence.

Like the New Paltz resident said in the Facebook post, damage to these poles is in fact the homeowner's responsibility. So what do you do if you need private pole maintenance?


Fixing Utility Poles in the Hudson Valley, NY

If it's an electrical problem, the resident may select their preferred (and qualified) private electrician for the job. Many companies, like Rider Utility Maintenance, specialize in not only electrical repair but new pole installation as well. Saft Electric was another local company recommended for owner-maintained pole maintenance, although it's unclear if they could supply the physical pole.

So now we know there's another home feature to keep in mind the next time you're real estate shopping: private utility poles. Want to see some more luxurious features? Check out this stunning New York home for sale below.

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