From farmers dumping milk to restaurant's laying off employees, nearly every farm and business has felt the crunch of COVID-19 Pandemic. How each has been effected is as varied as the businesses themselves. Oneida County is compiling the numbers.

Cornell Cooperative Extention is assisting Oneida County's Department of Planning with assembling the financial impact of farms and businesses. Among the questions, Did your business close during the pandemic, will it reopen, how much was your monthly loss, and were any employees affected by either layoff, furlough, or eliminated positions.

There is also a section on what type of assistance would be best; such as loans or grants. Once the numbers are compiled County Officials can then seek assistance from the proper agencies. In a story we previously shared, the Federal Governments' Stimulus Package has several million dollars set aside for the USDA to assist the ag industry. And there Small Bussiness Administration loans and grants available too.

Here's the online survey, it will only take a few minutes to complete.


How to Get Your Stimulus Check Quickly and How Much You Will Get

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