How many of us New Yorkers refer to our state as actually two states? You know, Utpsate and Downstate. Or New York City and everything else that is not New York City. Not sure where to categorize Long Island. Well, I'd say most of us who are not from the Big Apple.

But what if the state was to be divided up into self-governing regions? Well, according to the My Twin Tiers website, there is a proposal from lawmakers in New York State to divide up the state into three regions.

The report lists the three proposed regions - the New York Region (New York City), Montauk Region (Long Island), and the New Amsterdam Region which include all of Upstate New York, including the Southern Tier.

It might make sense. We're always complaining about how New York City rules the State of New York, and why are we supporting the city all the time? If this proposal came true, would it be better for the Upstate region?

I think so, and probably most of us in the rest of the state that is not new York City would agree. But, I'm guessing the chances of this proposal by some of the New York State Assembly members to become a reality would be slim.

And according to the My Twin Tiers website, a lot of New York State's revenue comes from New York City. What are your thoughts? Should New York State be divided so each region can govern itself, and would it be financially a good idea? That would be my first concern. We'll see soon how it all works out in Albany.

via My Twin Tiers 

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