This wasn't what one 24 year-old man was hoping for or expecting on a recent flight. A trip from JFK to China is going to be long enough, so you're going to want to have all the comforts of home. A glass of whisky can help calm the nerves. That is, if the glass you're drinking it out of doesn't suddenly shatter and cut you in the face.

According to the NY Post, that's what happened to a Long Island man on a Hainan Airlines flight to Chengdu. Now, the man is suing, according to the Post. The man had ordered the drink at his seat, when he then left to use the restroom, according to the suit. When he returned, the glass somehow shattered and cut the left side of his face, says the suit.

The Post says the suit was filed against Hainan Airlines December 11 in Brooklyn Federal Court. The mysterious exploding glass appears to have done some damage too, as the shards left a one and half inch cut near the man's eye, according to the lawsuit.

There is no word in the Post's article that factors such as air turbulence or tampering were involved. Maybe next time stick to bottled water?

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