Most of us have seen service dogs, but have you ever seen or heard about a service pig?

If you are lucky enough to have a dog in your life you already know that it's hard to imagine life without your pup. Some dog owners need to have their dogs with them at all times to help them with emotional support.

It's pretty common to see someone with their dog in stores, on airplanes, pretty much everywhere because they need it for support, but is having a pot-bellied pig as a support animal too much?

One New York man is currently in a huge fight with his town over whether or not his pot-bellied pig should be allowed to live in the community.

According to News 10, the Village of Canajoharie has engaged in a lengthy fight with resident Wyvere Flatt, over what Flatts calls, his emotional support animal who gets him through the dark days.

"Ellie" is a 100-pound pig that Flatt says, "She is a companion, and she’s a registered emotional animal. I have anxiety. It’s a real thing. I got letters from my doctor, and they still won’t drop this thing."

Over the last two years, the village has taken Flatt to court 13 times to try and get him to remove the pig from their community. The village claims that the pig is considered a livestock/farm animal and has set December 14th, 2021 as the deadline for him to remove Ellie from the village.

Flatt has pleaded his case stating that "I have gotten shot records from the vet, notes from the doctor, and all the paperwork. I’ve done everything they asked me to do, and we just keep going to court."

The Village and its Mayor Jeff Baker was asked to comment and told News 10 that because the court case is still pending that he couldn't comment.

Flatt did say that he hopes the village will come to some sort of understanding and said, "I'm going to keep fighting for Ellie until pigs fly"!

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