First, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, especially this week when we're celebrating National Teachers, Nurses and Corrections Officer week. These are all noble positions and they deserve to celebrate. Now, with that said, there are just so many "special National Days" set aside for May, I'm wondering, "Where does the madness end?

Saturday we celebrated Kentucky Derby Day, Beer Pong Day, Scrapbook and Principals' Day, and National Loyalty Day. Oh, and it was also the very honorable National Silver Star Service Day which shared Saturday with National Mother Goose Day!

We've become a society of made-up celebrations. I'm surprised we don't celebrate National Day Day. A day set aside to honor the mere fact that we actually have these "National" days. Furthermore, how does one get to set a day aside for the world to see and ponder and pontificate? Who gets to choose which day and cause is actually "a" day?

Believe it or not, there is an organization called the National Day Archives or the NDA for short, where if you think you know of someone or something that is worthy of a National Day, you can submit it for consideration. If you really think your day is special, you can submit it as a Premium Day which will get top billing on their list of more than 1,500 special days in a year.

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The month of May is packed with nearly 150 special days. May 5th is Cinco de Mayo Day, which is the day after National Teachers Day. It's also National Hoagie Day for the people who would rather eat a sub than a taco on the fifth. Thursday, May 6, is National Day of Prayer, which I guess is a day set aside to ask for forgiveness for whatever bad things you did on Cinco de Mayo.

May obviously is home to Mother's Day and Memorial Day, but it's also National Clean Your Room Day, National Third Shift Workers Day, International Hummus Day, National Frog Jumping Day, National Waitstaff Day and National Talk Like Yoda Day. Way too many special days in May, there are. So many, that it dilutes the really special and important days like World No Tobacco Day, Armed Forces Day, and Melanoma Monday. Each of these are very notable and worthwhile.

May is also National Limerick Day, a wonderful day of reflection for all who read and write and enjoy rhyming poetry. Which reminds me about this really lazy man I once knew who liked to drink, a lot. You know... This lazy man who always drank rum. Who needed vacation to quickly come. Monday or Tuesday, in May or July, Where I do nothing but sit on my bum! Boy, What a guy! He really loved vacation...and rum.

By the way, August is National Rum Day and the last Tuesday in January is always National Plan a Vacation Day. If you're interested, National Create a New National Day is Monday, June 21.

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