A Central New Yorker living in DeWitt got a mystery box full of shoes in the mail. Anyone else in the area ever have this happening to them?

The Central New Yorker posted the odd mail find to Reddit:

Thousands of dollars of shoes addressed to me. Tracking information is super weird. So many fishy things going on here and no clue what is happening!"

The poster continues to explain what exactly was sent to him:

The box was addressed to my first name, last initial. There are three different shipping labels on the box, all with my address, all with the same tracking number. UPS tracking number shows it’s been in transit from Indiana for the last 3 months. I live in Upstate New York so I have no clue why it would take that long. There was no contact info or documentation of any kind other than the 3 labels on the outside of the box. Still a complete mystery to me what is going on.

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Many on the post on Reddit are weighing in on what could be happening:

1) A Scammer Bought Them- A lot of times scammers will purchase things using stolen credit cards and have it delivered to an address they feel they can pick up the package from.

The poster did contact the police leaning with this theory and here's what was posted:

I contacted the police. They searched the shoes and looked under the soles for drugs or anything suspicious and didn’t find anything so they left."


2) Messed Up Returns- Some are suggesting it could be a mailing accident from form PayLess location goofing up the address. However, this theory doesn't work 100% because the shoes were addressed to the original poster directly.


3) Brushing Scam- The Better Business Bureau has been dealing with this with the random chinese seeds in the mail, and face masks. Companies use your name to post false consumer reviews to boost their sales online. The more reports a buyer sees, the more likely they are to purchase the product. This scheme isn't expected to cost you money, but some unknown company could be using your likeness to boost their presence and reputation online.


What Do You Think?

What in the world do you think is going on here?



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