Hey, you know someone might have been there before you? Maybe in this case, many tens of millions of years before? Two suspects were recently arrested after they allegedly vandalized a historical site, according to Western Mass News. And in this case, it just might predate history all together. Police say they responded to a call Saturday, August 28 that two men were digging into a protected area in Holyoke.

Officials say the the men told investigators they didn't believe they were digging into. an area that was considered off limits. Officials say the men were arrested and are facing charges including vandalism, archeological violation, and trespass. What would Dr. Hammond have to say about this? You crazy son of a bitch!

Meanwhile, diid you know some states today actually have an official state dinosaur? NECN is reporting that Representative Jack Lewis of Massachusetts introduced a bill that would designate a state dinosaur for the state. Lewis posted on Twitter that it would be a fun way to inspire kids and those young at heart during these uncertain times. One potential contender is a dinosaur known as Podokesaurus holyokensis. What is interesting is that if passed, Massachusetts would be one of several states that actually has an official state dinosaur. Colorado has the stegosaurus. In Wyoming, it's the triceratops. Utahraptor, not surprisingly, is the state dinosaur for the state of Utah.

Does New York have a state dinosaur? Right now, the answer is no.

Should we? Have any ideas for what dinosaur would best represent the state? New York does not currently have a state dinosaur, but we do have state fossil (insert joke about some state politician you don't like that's been around forever). Eurypterus Remipes was a creature that lived over 400 million years ago during the Silurian Age. It is distant relative of modern day king crabs and sea scorpions. It is said to have lived at the bottom of the shallow sea that covered where New York state now lies.

What are some dinosaurs that were discovered here in New York? According to Hudson Valley Magazine, the footprints of what was more than likely a carnivore known probably coelophysis were discovered near Albany in 1972. A lot of changes and unfolding to the earth over hundreds of millions of years here in the Hudson Valley has made it somewhat of a poor area to find many fossils. But there are some candidates. Have any good ideas for a state dinosaur? Let's hear them.

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