“No Kids Sleeps on the Floor in Our Town” is the motto of Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

The Utica Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace held its inaugural Mega Build at the Sangertown Mall in New Hartford over the weekend.

SHP-Utica is part of a national organization that builds and delivers beds to children who do not have one of their own.

Dave Smith, WIBC
Dave Smith, WIBC

The goal was to build 200 beds over three days.

Thanks the hard work of nearly 400 volunteers, a total of 276 bed were built.

What does it take to build 276 beds?

• 450 volunteers

• 1,320 volunteer hours

• 8,280 pieces of wood cut

• 4,416 pieces of wood sanded

• 15,456 screws placed

• 19,782 holes drilled

• 1,104 pieces of wood stained

• 552 headboard and foot boards branded

• 276 beds built

• Seeing kids smile when they get a new bed - priceless!

courtesy of SHP-Utica
courtesy of SHP-Utica

I was lucky to be one of those volunteers who helped build the beds.

It was an amazing experience, seeing so many volunteers, both young and old, working to provide beds to local children in need.

To know that you played a small part in providing a kid with a bed is a great feeling.

Sign me up for the next build!

“We have a backlog of 105 children waiting for a bed,” said Steve Sperbeck, Chapter President, SHP-Utica.  “When we started the Utica-Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, we didn’t realize how great the need really was.  We thought it would be a great way to give back to our community, and it immediately took off.  We receive bed applications every day from many different situations – including families who have fallen on hard times, domestic violence cases, foster care, and even families rebuilding from a tragedy such as a house fire or flood.”

Sleep in Heavenly Peace’s Utica-Chapter is 100% volunteer-based. They rely on volunteers, donors, and sponsors who believe in their mission of getting kids off the floor and into beds.

Besides volunteers, SHP-Utica is also is need of pillows and bedding.

To learn more about SHP-Utica, visit www.facebook.com/SHPutica or www.shpbeds.org/chapter/ny-utica and help end child bedlessness in the Mohawk Valley.

Here are some photos from the Mega Build:

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Mega Build

The local non-profit Sleep in Heavenly Peace, which builds and provides bed to children in need, held a Mega Build at the Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford. Over 400 volunteers helped build 276 bed over three days!.

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