The McDonald's McRib sandwich was a failure when it debuted in 1981. It lasted just four years and was unceremoniously yanked from the menu of the chain restaurant.

Well, it has returned. Again. McDonald's recently experimented with bringing it back and--due to nostalgia, or changing tastes, or a combination of factors--it has been a success. So, as early as Monday at about 10,000 of its roughly 40,000 nationwide locations, the McRib will be available for another short run. For the nutrition-curious: the McRib sandwich contains about 480 calories, compared to the Big Mac, which weighs in at about 540.

Here's a rundown of Central New York McDonald's locations where you may find the McRib:

  • New Hartford
  • Utica
  • Washington Mills
  • Rome
  • Herkimer
  • Yorkville
  • Clinton
  • Ilion
  • Oneida
  • Hamilton
  • Cazenovia
  • Syracuse

Trying to find the sandwich? Well, there's a website for that:

McRib fans: As you travel around and try various CNY locations, feel free to drop us a comment with your McRib spotting and review.

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